About Kyocera Senco Netherlands

Kyocera Senco Netherlands is an importer and developer of branded products in Power Fastening Systems in EMEA (Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa).

We distribute and develop products under the following brands:

  • Senco: nailers, staplers and screw systems for on-site and in-plant production.
  • Tytecker: hogring: tools and ring-type fastener for car seating, bedding and fencing applications.
  • Muro: heavy duty screw driving systems.
  • InterDiamant: diamond tools and consumables for professional use.
  • Expandet: fastening systems for concrete, drywall and brick. Anchors, plugs, bolts.

By using Power Fastening Systems of Kyocera Senco Netherlands you are assured to use high quality systems and you can count on the best service and support from our partners and us.