This is the careers page for Kyocera Senco Netherlands, Kyocera Senco and their affiliated companies.

As we work in a rapidly changing environment and develop innovative ways to meet the demand for fastening solutions in EMEA, we’re always searching for remarkable people to join us. People who are customer oriented, curious, passionate and excited to explore the ideas and technology that will shape our future. Does this sound like you, here are our job opportunities.

Please find more information about our vacancies below. 


Internships are an important part of educating students and involving young people in our organisation. It helps our organisation to stay tuned on new developments and (digital) technologies. An internship at Verpa is therefor not an informal placement. It gives you full day-to-day involvement in actual projects, selected to match your interests and abilities. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about current projects you can get involved in.

Currently we have some intersting assignments for students of the 2nd of 4th year, including economics, technique and IT.  Have a look at possible projects below (in Dutch):