Heavy duty screw driving system

MuroWorking for a company that specialises in heavy duty flooring type applications, such as mezzanine flooring contractors, modular accommodation and trailer deck manufacturer, Muro heavy duty screw driving system is your ideal choice. You can use the system extensively in wood to heavy steel, wood to wood, wood/composite to steel and steel to steel applications.

Collated screw system

MuroWith the Muro collated screw system, the hard work becomes easier and faster. Heavy duty floor and decking screwing can be carried out while you are standing up, without any pre-drilling. This saves time and eliminates back and knee problems. You load a coil or strip of screws into the tool and you are ready to go. If you already have a corded screw driver, Muro offers specialized attachments, that transform your tool into a high speed collated screw system in no time. For almost every corded screw driver we offer a matching adapter.